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A division of Catholic Media Productions
A division of Catholic Media Productions
Nashville Catholic Radio
Nashville Catholic Radio 

We Believe Show

Radio and Television

Catholic Media Productions under the leadership of Deacon James F. Walsh Jr. and Dr. Richard Shriver, as the cohost, produced, since 1986, over 500 radio shows and 80 television show under the banner of We Believe Show. These have been broadcasted by as many as 25 radio stations around the country, and internationally, and on 10 TV stations.  


Today Catholic Media Productions continues to produce shows and has expanded its ministry to serve the Nashville English and Spanish speaking communities through a low power Catholic radio station.  


On this website, you can sample podcasts of the radio show, and short clips of the TV shows.


TV Shows

2015 Gabriel Awards


Mr. Byron Warner Jr. and Deacon James Walsh, recipients of the 2015 Gabriel Award for excellence in broadcasting with The Life of Crist dramatization.

We Believe Show - Radio Programs on CD available for sale on the Products tab.


The Basic Series - CD format

Designed for persons who are considering becoming Catholic, or Catholics who want to revisit the tenets of their faith.


This series addresses topics such as the existence of God, the theory of evolution, the story of our salvation, the life of Christ, the divinity of Christ, the Trinity, the Marks of the Church, the Primacy of Peter, Paul of Tarsus, the concept of Grace, and the sacraments, how the books of the Bible were selected, the Mystical Body, Ecumenism, and many other. 


This can be purchased in individual volumes or as a set of three volumes, a total of 16 CDs.

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We Believe Show - Video Programs - The DVD Series available for sale on the Products tab.

Volume I and Volume II.  This set of 26, 30 minutes videos, cover similar materials addressed in the CD Basic Series.  The collection is available in two volumes explaining the Doctrine of the Catholic Church and the Sacraments.

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Special programs


The Life of Christ - CD and DVD

The life of Christ is a dramatization of the life of Jesus available both as a CD or a DVD. This program received the Gabriel Award of excellence in broadcasting in 2015. 

Available as a DVD, $15.00, and as a CD, $10.00

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The Mystery of the Shroud - DVD

In this series of 2 episodes, 28 minutes each, our experts describe the history and the controversy surrounding the Shroud of Turin. They present the evidence for it being the burial cloth of Jesus, and the mystery surrounding its existence. Then they invite the viewers to draw their own conclusions.  Is it real or is it a hoax?

Available as a DVD, $15.00

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